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The Alchemist


This sh*t is beauty

Expensive jewelry got the grip on the biggest booty

Sit in jacuzzis til my skin is pruny


Hit ya kufi ditch the tooly then i exit smoothly

n*ggas sayin they the best gotta be more specific

I’m 5 mics in the Source these n*ggas force a gimmick

Gorgeous women sure to listen when the cork is twisted

Lord as witness my lifestyle you to poor to live it

Horses ridden near the North Pacific

I’m headin towards the finish My torso tore the ribbons like swords of liquid

I’m here for the pleasure or the business

The torch was given right before the sports in the olympics


Im Luca Brasi in some new Versace’s

I Shoot the shotty i don’t do karate

My view Godly got Buddha by me

My boo foxy like Uzumaki

She out here lookin like the new Ashanti

I’m stacking cheese half my wardrobe is Japanese

I grab the keys what’s on my dash you can’t match the speed

Its like a Rip Hamilton pass to Rasheed

You Wrappin weed in some cancerous leaves

I Splash my jacket wit Creed

I don’t rap until the transfer received

Spit verses that the pastor would read

Gold chains never African beads

Got the same blood that Africans bleed

I’m gettin interviewed by Angela Yee

This the game and they can’t control me

My mind scared like the face of Tony

We never say we hungry

We far from the days when We ate balogni

I serve revenge on the plate and i gave it coldly

All this money I gotta to make it homie


It’s like I got a yamulcha and Star of David on me

Front like it’s love behind my back they hatin on me

We fly south to vacate when it’s snowy

Gangstas only

Give praise to the holy

Take the trophy

Wack n*ggas stay below me


Zamundan King

Not a human bieng

Thousand dollar boots and jeans

Kneel and kiss the jewels in the ring

Blow the same notes that Luther would sing

Send the bill for my suit to get cleaned

Live realities that we used to dream

And My girl got a Hell of a body she gettin styled by Donatella Vercase

Sip Armaretta with ahqi


I’m appealing like Cosby

And i ain’t on the block dealin some molly

It’s venom inside me

You wishin to dodge me

But my wit is quick as Ali throwin fists to ya body

I’m disciplined, c*cky Alot of n*ggas quick to remind me

Plus the denim raw

Polo or the Benetton

Fly sh*t i give it off

Kobe Bryant wit the ball

I ain’t gone miss at all

If you stand for nothin for anything you’ll be quick to fall

This ain’t really meant for y’all

How y’all n*ggas get to talk

Crab ass rappers I give them n*ggas a pinch of salt

Dip em in the dippin sauce

n*ggas know the end result

Jamaican b*tches assassinate you

When you in the dark

Get the sh*t that’s in the vault

Brand new Benzes bought

Everything you spit is soft

When I hear it switch it off

Slam on these n*ggas like Dominique when he wit the Hawks

Isaiah with the Pistons dawg

This is from a different cloth

This sh*t isn’t in the mall

Hats n*ggas tip it off

I won’t take no minutes off Im in it til the finish dawg

f*ck a friendship I’m only in it for business dog

I ain’t got no Label no manager independent dawg

See these wack n*ggas name on the bill

I rip it off

My style n*ggas bit it off

When they ask for the best I’ll never think to mention y’all

Y’all spit it piti-fall (pitiful)

Ya chick is on my di*k n balls

She love it when the di*k involved

Shake it like Mystikal

Alcohol get sipped in straws

Appetizers shrimps n sauce

I was just enjoying life so sorry if i missed ya call

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