The Alchemist

"Boat Shoes"

Doin' it big, 'bout to go out there on the water (Ya heard me?)
Let's roll out
Talkin' 'bout, when I'm gonna raise the sails? (Hoist that b*t*h)
Man, I'm 'bout to start ballin', for real
My vacation 'bout to start, I can't post none of this sh*t
It's too much ballin'

[Verse 1]
Uh, pull the Lamborghini machines up on the double
I'll make a youngin pull his jeans up
Tuck in his shirt and get 'em cleaned up (C'mere, c'mere)
Fold the crease in his chinos and have 'em steamed up
I was solo then I teamed up (What up?)
Now I'm pushin' buttons like Scotty when beamed up
The unidentified flyin' object defyin' logic
I'll ride a pocket 'til my body rotten
More gone and forgotten, so many sons I put a couple up for adoption
'Til then for me to stop is not an option
Spillin' the clicker on the yacht while it was dockin'
Caught me slippin' with no socks, in my moccasins
I'm like your favorite fruit when it's in season, I been sneezin'
Roll down the tint, I need my skin to the wind breezin'
I need to feel the sun on my skin' beamin'
Drownin' my thoughts, scratchin' the whiskers on my chin region
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