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The Alchemist

"Fish Meat"

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
The black plastic, I never leave home without it
American express my thoughts and anger
Only disgusting beats, I up chuck somethin' real real sick
When it come to rap, this our sh*t
Just listen to this sound, this sh*t is hypnotic
Outside of this hip-hop, you not no monster
I got a rusty gem star, that’ll open up yo face
Like fish meat you real real soft
I walk off, pullin a joint real real calm
I should put a shot in your ass (chill, chill, nah)
f*ck around, hit a artery, I'll kill Pa
He liked how I’m scarred, I’m poking no laws
Chinchilla blanket, pretty little scarlet
Pullin on a cone, take a little breather
We f*ckin like animals and livin the life you only dream of

[Verse 2: Planet Asia]
Here’s a monster
Herbal Essence my call, that’s word to my sponsor
Lay on the floor, here’s the glitch, we the generals
Fresh to death, flatline a rat in a blink
Kemetic link, catholic bring a bag of those Benjis
Crime family rap, denjy and dirty
My killas strain hard like athletes
I used to bag birdies, bare hands – powder my pores
Absorbing the high and the reason my mind is dirty
Remember Juan, Don, Julio
Move, the motor’s runnin
Cheese slices, studio full, this stuff phenomenal
Bombing you with Hannibal spits, my nautical shift
Suitin off audible clips, it’s the dynasty
Fire one round clique, mashin on yo minor league
Cheeseburger and fries, supersize me
Tasmanian manie, millionaire flex with the hatin and paintin
You really some f*ckin crazy

[Verse 3: Tristate]
Passport poetry, fiery diary
Words of wizardry
Polygamy guarding variety
Max the ministry, mock the mackin
Cure of swackin
You can blame it on the Nautica fashion
Go against this animalistic, twisted
From studying doctor York, to f*ckin a mistress
Keep yo distance, door stoch your 3rd eye surgically
Jump shot from bird’s eye 33
Masonic degree, green in the frontal leaf
Put green in my bank account constantly
Make magic, disappeared and reappeared graphic
And f*ck up the beat – something tragic
See the blue still rising in the air
You on dusty roads wrestling with raps
Rick Flare the champ, the chain
Throw a rag on your waves
Cut chemist, basically I’m nice with a blade

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