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The Alchemist

"Insult To Injury"

[Verse 1]
I'm like a white Michael Vick, psycho enough to stick
Michael J. Fox in a microwave with a Rott (Ell-ell-elle)
I might make a little Alizé with a side of NyQuil
And ride a motorcycle right through the side of my high school
Satan's disciple with a sniper rifle
And a knife and a white diaper
Liable to sh*t on you while I snipe you
So dope he gets off opiates
What an appropriate way to start off his day
He may just smart off to Dre
He may be hard to contain
‘Cause his rage is so hard to gauge
See, Hannibal ate his face, and met Jason, gnawed off his leg
Amazin' hard-on for razors and blades
And anything sharp, even poisonous darts
It all plays a major part of his game
Holy water won't ward him off, crucifixes won't do the trick
He's so sick, it's ridiculous
Sawed the crazy part off his brain, he's still insane
Why's there bloodstains on his carpet, mane?
There's some crazy sh*t goin' on in Shady's apartment again (woosh)

[Verse 2]
Newsflash, I'm still trash
Them pills shoulda killed my ass
But they didn't; they just made me stronger
It's like they rebuilt my ass
Like the Six Million Dollar Man after the crash
It's Aftermath, b*tch! And my milk glass is still half-empty
Yeah, tempt me, Hell isn't enough
They need to invent somewhere new to send me
As sick as I'm getting
They'll stick me in a conventional oven
With a rotisserie setting and won't even notice me sweating
sh*t, I done made a verse, said some foul sh*t
Tryna go back fix it, f*cked around, and just made it worse
Yeah, I'm back, looking no worse for wear
Got these haters mad enough to rip off their hair
And start punchin' the air
Fall the f*ck out, spill your lunch in the chair (eww)

[Verse 3]
(Chicka) I'll do a hundred-yard dash just to slash Kim Kardash'
In the ass with a shard of glass from Nick Hogan's car crash
You may look like the passenger for that, don't be a smartass
Yeah, laugh while you sit there
Thinkin' that the hard part passed
You ain't seen pain 'til Leatherface flips mane
I'll cut your f*ckin' balls off, homie, my saw's off the chain
I chopped the b*tch in half with it, sawed off her legs
And the top half of the torso f*ckin' crawled off insane
I ain't seen sh*t like that since I went to Mike Jack's
Took the Elephant Man's skull, f*cked it, and put it right back
Handed my di*k to Bubbles
While he sucked it and licked my nut sack
Gave him a reach-around
While I f*cked him right in his butt crack
Nah, I ain't takin' it back fo.., f*ck that!
I give a f*ck about nothin', so here's where you f*cked up at
Don't go touchin' that can
Man, you don't wanna open up that

Wait a min-ahh, sh*t… Alchemist, cut that..
(Laughter, Record Scratching)

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