The Alchemist

"COLD - An Interlude Inspired by Earl Sweatshirt"


This year, I realized you’ll see the dark before the light
This year, I visualized heaven and what it might be like
This year, I realized we living in hell, and I might be right
I ain’t read the good book in a while, I guess
I ain’t quite find the time
I felt quite alive, this year hurt to say many lost they lives this year
‘Tween me and a few still got some still got some distance but It gets better with time
I have to say it truly
If you still going through it, you got my respect and I pay it fully
My pain is the foundation to this journey I’m on
Not proud to say it but it really got me writing the best songs, it’s clear
That’s what happens when you do you, not what the rest on here
Less attention given just because I don’t got my flex on here
Hope I don’t only end being the one they slept on here
Surprisingly they invest on the ones that won’t even last long here
But who am I to judge
You do you who am I to hold a grudge
I’m naked when I’m in the booth I ain’t never told no lie
Been through some things I ain’t never told no one it’s better to keep it inside
Only time I’m letting out is on the mic reflecting within
I ain’t like these other n***as that always talking ‘bout green, I might be color blind
I hope to see real when we look into each other’s eyes
Yes I do get around but, I ain’t like these other guys
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