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The Alchemist

"Pots & Pans"

[Intro: Boldy James]
Where we at with it
Let's get it

[Verse 1: Boldy James]
SK, n***as said they Heffin’, but they jeffin' (Yeah)
Original Coolio concrete, yeah, two-two-seven (Yeah)
The Legend of Zelda, me and Rocks was the first ones
For the lunatics, dropped a song 'bout them Force Ones
I was rockin’ Unos (Ayy), fresh up out the youth homes
Charged me as an adult, since then I been too grown (Uh)
Nobody couldn't tell me I was headin' up the wrong road
Drug dealin', thuggin', young n***a with a old soul
Rose gold wires, hoppin' out the Panamera
Two twin Glocks with thirties, call 'em Tia and Tamera
Fours on the Riviera (Skrrt), VLONE in the Carrera
Leone, that Sierra, couple whole ones in the spare
Caught your baby in the mirror puttin' on her mascara
Couldn’t tell her we was dirty ’cause I didn't wanna scare her
This the reason I was spirit, told her keep me in her prayers
We be wreakin’ all the havoc, we be bringin' all the terror
(I am the one)

[Verse 2: Sir Michael Rocks]
I flipped a file cabinet in my meeting with the execs
I need another advance, I need it ASAP
Formula One, Maseratis and race tracks
Form an opinion on us, just take a breath
[?] keep us in the neck when I'm depressed
Holla at a n***a, break bread, throw it back my way
We down in Miami, my b*t*h said, "Dale"
Jacuzzi with the shottay, don't hop out your body
Hunnid dollar sangria, Santa Maria (Yeah)
They think we doin’ black magic whenever we re-up
Kiwi color 'Ghini truck, n***as see we up (Damn)
Athletic n***as better get they Wheaties up
M-16, no BB gun, never see me run (Uh)
Me and Chuck the new DMC and Run
Pimp C and Bun, brodie got the [?]
We be like, "Hell yeah, we finna do well there"
Long as there's a scale there, yeah
Have 'em waitin' in line like they in welfare, yeah
Trap rollin' like a wheelchair (Right, right)
The dope so good, that drug be still here, yeah
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