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The Alchemist


It's all your fault, Al (uh uh, uh)
It's all...
Where we at?
Bo Jackson, let's get it (ay, 227)

[Verse 1]
Can't none of y'all mirror me back (at all)
Back to them ol' [❓❓❓❓] boys steerin' the Ac (uh huh)
Ain't have a quarter for a gumball out the machine (flat broke)
Was choppin' up them 8-balls with a house full of fiends (let's get it)
Run in and out, then I pull off once I count up the cream (it's all here)
Got Uncle Whoadie takin' calls while I round up the beans (iceman)
Want all the blues and the orange, my n***as so Detroit (hell block)
Taj Mahal told me pull up, he said he on [❓❓]
A smoker came with thirty bucks, gave her a skimpy dime
Told auntie "hurry the f**k up", she took her sweet time
I pulled off 'fore she made it on, she was takin' too long (where we at?)
Jalisa came at me with nine, gave her two stones (be right back)
For bein' patient, she hate waitin', I hate takin' shorts (I does)
Woke up this morning off the drank, sh*t had me late for court (drugs)
Four fives and two sixes, threw the V8 in sport (uh huh)
That's two pints, add it up, my n***as drinkin' quarts (what else?)
On hell block, still in the flame, don't make me blast the torch
My PO parked up at my crib, she say I ain't report
Got me depressed
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