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The Alchemist

"Don Flamingo"

It's really life (it's real life)
It's real life

[Verse 1: El Camino]
I woke up and grabbed my gun right off the coffee table
Constantly gazin' and daydreamin' about a bankroll (word up)
I tried to ghostride the Range Rov' (skrrt)
I had a quarter pound in the backseat
And probation right on my ankle
I go to church to pay my tithes, [?] forever thankful
I'm still pourin' out Hennessy just for my fallen angels (RIP my n***as)
I still keep the hammer on me, you gotta be cautious
Catch an early morning flight, sh*t makin' me nauseous
I guess it was sacrifice that made us the bosses
Flight after flight, b*t*h after b*t*h, made me exhausted
You wanna win, just ball harder in the fourth quarter
You bein' pu**y just lead to extortion
See how you crossed the line, and I made her snort it?
I feel like Mondays is made for Porsches
I don't speak to many n***as because they lack importance (hahahahaha)
You talkin' money? Step into my office
A few execs hit my line and made a few offers (they ain't talkin' about nothin' though)
But I ain't hear a million yet, ain't no need for talkin'
I'm already a quarter in on some independent
I talk about the sh*t I sold because I really lived it (real sh*t)
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