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The Alchemist

"Babies & Fools"

All of me, All of me

[Verse 1]
My first love was music, the keys and now this rappin’ sh*t
Trash ‘n switch tastes, versatile when I'm playin' tracks and sh*t (Ou)
Second love is family, third unknown in which it lacks a bit (Damn)
Tried to fall in love but shame, love said it ain't happenin b*t*h (Damn)
I think I should ‘lax a bit, it’s ass when you’re sad 'n sh*t
Dramatic grab the clip, pop that mp4 ‘til I grasp the end

All of me, Im givin’
All of me

[Verse 2]
It’s been 6 weeks and counting since we last spoke
sh*t it’s been too long hope you okay, little antelope (A’e tele)
Man I hope I see you soon, or you hit me back?
Man Im broke I’ll laugh it off, smack it off
Crushing bad and it’s embarrassing ya ratchet dog
Jokes, never thought an individual I’d hold so close to me
Well I guess her ex is probably happy that she’s ghostin me

All of me, she’s ghostin’
All of me
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