The Alchemist


[Verse 1]
The Skywalker, the grip of my forces kite
I’m born to fly you can’t soar as high, I torch the mic
I’m here to break apart anything you thought was tight
Of course I write, wipe the floor with all you boring hypes
I’m back to spit, glad to rip fads to bits
Going from Nothin to Somethin my story’s Fabolous
Smokey like the fattest spliffs try to match it kid
You took a fall can’t do sh*t you got some fractured ribs
Furious set don’t get the message? Well I’ll bash it in
Close to edge b*t*h you know that I’m the dope with the pens
Notice the flex since the flow is the crest
I’m tryna open thе chests you tryna open her lеgs but
She ain’t buying it unless you’re f**king buying it
She need the D like vitamins you’re in lions den, so try it
Intense intents in tenths, in all tenses
I’m one of the best, no question when foes come I next them

[Verse 2]
It’s the return of rap "Kill a wack"
Fat skill of that, you need a pack of tracks stat
Back to back, cats find the rats who fill a bag
"Knock Knock" Mac Miller plaque, mad not hot
Non stop guerilla attacks, underground mining I’m a diamond
Say I’ll write about a girl but couldn’t phrase her like the Island
Faze her out my mind I’m tryin, I’m onto better things
Letterings etched in my brain, rapid fire, let em ring
Too many locals thinking they’re major
Sinking my way up in the game and better believe I play rough
Mixtapes stay snuff rate us dangerous
These rappers need to put less ink to their faces more ink to the paper
f**king with me it’s like you plan to be hit
You’re only here for crystals on some Final Fantasy sh*t
I’m standardly sick, with spittin no one handed me it
Won’t stop until I’m financially fit, or randomly sh*t, b*t*h
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