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The Alchemist

"Play It Cool"

[Intro: Samuel T. Herring]
On a dark night in the city
Where broken eagles may fly
Play it cool

[Verse 1: Alchemist]
Strumming the notes on the guitar
While I'm rocking my leather Mercedez coat like the R in the cut
Licking my wounds and soaking my scars
Crib full of empty bottles of liquor, broken cigars
On a table, going Ninja dangle on the cable
When that dance make my stance unstable
Hem the bottom of my pants with staples
I split 'em with symmetry like a bagel
Play tic-tac-toe on the cheek with the razor cut up your face
Sprinkle the magic dust on the reefer
Gutter creature, rap pornographic snuff double feature
I'm bubbling something up in the beaker
The night creeper, motivational mic speaker
Brolick ring like a Motorolla device beeper
Light sleeper, leave em shook like a light seizure

[Hook: Samuel T. Herring]
On a dark night in the city
Of Broken Egos, They Fly
No don't stress me
Check my leather soul
Brothers know, don't test me
Play it cool
Play it cool
Play it cool

[Verse 2: Oh No]
I got that sh*t form, I'm finna flush it to you
It's nothing to you sending threats, I'm rushing to you
Have the little homie run it to you, then run into you
Like an intersection, and now you been intercepted
I ain't in session when the weed's all gone
Like a gardener, just working the hose on the lawn
But I'm a king to a pawn on the chess board
I stress the scores, stuck in a square, just press 4
I'm sitting with the best score in the game, picture the picture
And the same frame of mind, Tarantino official
Couple cameras in the building, the body of work
Mentally a work out, your brain, your body in hurt
n*ggas neck broken and b*tches' body
Gone and looking for work
Black leather coat let 'em know the boy is boss
At any cost, don't never cross
Don't never get involved
Be the next mystery that's unsolved
Good lord

[Hook: Samuel T. Herring]

[Verse 3: Earl Sweatshirt]
I've been feeling old
I got demons on my soul when I'm writing
The beat play the role of a seat on a bike how I ride it
My vices repulsing me nights when I'm trapped in this pain
Ain't my wife when the light drizzle tap on the pane, I'm inside with them
When the sky clear up, still inside tripping
You can see I ain't been sleeping in my eyes, n*gga
In the mirror throwing hands, I don't toss fights
I'm heavyweight, get a load of these light n*ggas
Looking washed online like light linen drying
I'm through trying with n*ggas
I'm gifted cause my eyes work in different
And I be seeing straight through the skies as my n*gga
And all I see is snakes in the eyes of these b*tches
And these guys what's the difference, I despise 'em
I dispose of 'em too, I'm a trashman
You don't want trouble dude
Dirt from the shovel on a low bubble Goose
You a coyote f*cking with a roadrunner fool
b*tch, you know what it do

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