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The Alchemist

"Demolition Man"

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]
Big willy, I'm f*ckin' whores
Since a youngin' grabbed the pistol, skipped the chores
Hit the weed and said "It's on"
Got with my older Loc's they threw your boy a zone
Before my mom could smell the scent that sh*t was gone
Movin' on to bigger things now, don't call my phone
Carry chrome, I think them boys after me
But I shoot fast like athletes
Number one Magic flipper, I'm Anfernee
Oops, threw a couple at your coupe
Mr. Hard-top, don't f*ckin' lose your roof
Smashin' on a 110
Empty most of the clip, sh*t only got one sin
Where's Waldo at? Put this b*tch to his lens
Got the dimes all wrapped, on his block like you're still friends
Still low from the po-po, no L's in the Volvo
Mask on catch a photo when my glove's wrapped around the 4-4

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
Caught a statuatory rape cause the steak wasn't mature
I'm laid out by the lake, you lay with inflatable mates
I lace my shoes tight and ready for the paper chase
I like my girls with African bodies and Asian face
Only green M&M's placed in my dressing room
Pineapple juice, roast turkey
If I want, I got a b*tch to suck a thirty di*k circle
Then hop up in a cab, this just to serve a b*tch purple
Come back, make rice for the fellas
Every single person rockin' leather
Cheddar attatched, my mental is hatched from the medicine cabinet
Rock a shirt, got the pattern of the wilderness habitat
I make kids, NFL ready
Yours are 23 wearin' bibs slurping spaghetti
Your family cancer took her tits off
Don't even look us in the eye
Spit the sh*t to make a lesbian cry, dyke

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