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Polo G

"Sanguine Paradise (L.A. Leakers Freestyle)"

Shout out Uzi, man
I can't lose
I can't lose
I can't lose

Every track I just kill sh*t, 'cause I gotta murder my competitors
Broke n*gga tryna talk cash, brought the racks out just to shut him up
New b*tch bad, had to switch it up, now my old ho say I'm dead to her
Everyday gotta thank God, baby can't see you that n*gga blessin' us
Flyin' through with the doors up, this an i8, not a Tesla
Used to wait for the link card, now it's Benihana's on the regular
Momma worry when I'm in the streets, but I keep it on me, what you stressin' for?
Glizzy totin', I can't tussle with you, I got 30 shots for a wrestler
Play crazy, catch a headshot, we was taught to shoot from the neck and up
My shortys reckless when in they hood, old heads know it ain't no checkin' us
We be turnt for Devonché, b*tch it's Gucci Gang til the death of us
Hot 'nem on it, it just keep slidin', I'ma keep supplyin', ain't no lettin' up
n*ggas hidin', still gon' make it happen, we can't catch him loafin', gotta set him up
Got the drop waitin' by his crib, when he walk out, we gon' wet him up
.40 go "bow", DOA, shots knock him out of bounds if he play
We put him in the ground with the K, that chopper clear a crowd when it spray
My uncle went on trial for the ye, I used to dream of pounds in the safe
I'm flyin' through the clouds, skippin' states, count up a hundred thou' with my bae
They tried to take me down with the hate, it be the n*ggas' smilin in your face
I'm where they gettin' wild every day, that's why I move around with the apes like-
Ayy, please don't start with us, we won't play cool
My lil' shooters charged up, you know what they do
Money keep comin' in, I can't lose
Had to switch it up with the drip, Dolce shoes
I be ballin' on 'em, like I'm Ivo
I was posted with my soliders, we was trappin' hard for survival
I was posted on that corner, where we drop the G's for Disciples
All of my n*ggas demons, we do not abide by the bible

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