Polo G

"Go Stupid"

[Intro: Polo G]
Gang, gang, gang, ayy (Mike WiLL Made-It)
Lil' Capalot, b*t*h, hah
(Tay Keith, f**k these n***as up)

[Verse 1: Polo G & Stunna 4 Vegas]
Hit the strip after school, couldn't wait 'til I got out of class, used to stare at the clock and sh*t
Before all of this rappin' sh*t, I was gangbangin' and doin' high-speeds on the cops and sh*t
And I'm straight from the Chi, but I ball like a king up in Cali and shoot like Stojaković
Keep applyin' that pressure, I go on the run, it ain't no lettin' it up, ain't no stoppin' this
Had to tell my lil' brother to chill, gotta stay in the house, come outside, he be poppin' sh*t
You ain't heard about us, well, you need to go watch the news, n***as know we be dropping sh*t

Got the feds on my ass in the hood 'cause they think I'm the one who been buyin' up Glocks and sh*t
I'm just focused on music, they say my last tape was a classic, but I got some hotter sh*t (Hotter sh*t)
Might be rocking a show or if I'm not up the stu', then I'm f**king this cash off
Don't you know Polo G? Skinny tall with the dreads, that lil' n***a be rappin' his ass off
Yeah, I heard she got surgery, still wanna clap from the back just to see if her ass soft
Go like Harden with rockets, we blast off
Tried to throw us some bullets, but we made 'em fumble, like nah, you ain't gettin' that pass off
Spin the block, now I'm takin' my mask off
Hit the gas like we racin', speed off in them foreigns and leave tire marks on the asphalt
It's gon' be R.I.P. once your ass caught
He like frontin', we knockin' his cap off
'Nother day, a new chain or a MAC bought
All this ice got me freezin' like Jack Frost (4X)
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