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Polo G


[Intro: Polo G]
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm

[Chorus: Polo G]
Natural born hustler, n***a, stuntin' is my strong suit
Flexin' with a hundred cash, look at what these songs do
Gangster and a baller, baby, I do what I want to
I be with some steppers, I don't care 'bout what you gon' do
Wet sh*t like the Warriors, all my n***as gon' shoot
He gon' have to take a loss, some my n***as gone too
I know a bad b*t*h and I'm who she belong to
I just picked a Cuban up from Wafi, b*t*h, these stones new

[Verse 1: Polo G]
Dolce & Gabbanas on my feet and these my favorite pair
Got a lot to lose, still can't be scared to take it there
I was in them slums, sh*t get dreadful like some Haitian hair
I come from that zoo, it's just cobras, pigs, and apes in there
1300 block, b*t*h, I caught my last cases there
Ain't no second chances in this sh*t, so we can't play it fair
Foenem line sh*t like a barber, Glock knock off his facial hair
Caught him lackin' in his whip, they tryna find his face in there
Lil Hop Out, he stay on go, b*t*h, all he know is green light
Let off shots with accuracy, showed 'em what that beam like
Posted by that liquor store, was sellin' what the fiends like
Used to wake up in low income, now I live a dream life
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