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Polo G

"Fake Love"

[Intro: Calboy]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ayy, gee, gee, yeah, yeah
Ayy, ayy, oh, oh
Sheesh, sheesh

[Chorus: Calboy]
Got off my ass, got to it fast, I know they hate it too (Ayy)
I said sho'nem from the village, bet he made the news
"No your honor" I know nothing 'bout it, I just play it cool (Yeah, yeah)
n***a I need dollars, I been in the kitchen we not makin' food (Ayy)
b*t*hes say they love me, I know it's fake though (Fake though), b*t*h I'm ridin'
I got more than fifty in this draco, I'm inside
We gon' leave them n***as with some halos (With some halos), I'm not lyin'
Rose gold AP on me, cost a bankroll, watch it shine, ayy

[Verse 1: Calboy]
I get busy with the glizzy, I'm not scared of y'all, ayy (Scared off y'all)
Hide my face behind the tint, but I'm not scary dog
I won't mention none of the oppositions, I'ma bury y'all
He not solid, I heard that he snitchin', yeah he tell it all
Oh-oh, yeah, ayy
I can't do romance, b*t*h I been hopeless (I been hopeless)
Aye, trappin' on the daily, I need more bread (More bread)
And it's Long Live The Kings but off with your head (Off with your head)
Yeah, I can't tote no Nina and you can hold that
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