Polo G

"B***h !!"

Ayy Lil Polo Man
You already know how I'm rocking

f**k working a pack need my wrist In a bowl
Baggin them keys and start hitting the road
Where we meeting up that location disclosed
Hop out the Tesla with butterfly doors
I'm with three shooters they all got a pole
f**k up the transaction they taking your soul
See me going to blow like its something in they nose
You ride with your brothers get blicked with your bros
b*t*hes be eaters they getting exposed
Can't f**k with love or I can not propose
Gang gettin' to it and running through hoes
She f**k up her knees for the team like D-Rose
I be flexin and i get in my mode
Don't play by the rules but I stick to the code
Tired of the base this sh*t getting old
I used to dream I got drafted by somebody team
Like one day I'm going to play with the pros
I used to drip, walk through Cottage Grove
Lost a few members then my heart got cold
Got kicked outta school and started losing control
sh*t started fast-forwarding
Now I'm in that booth just recording
Cause my story need to be told
When I cash the check I'm going to f**k from the store
Cause I wanted Jordans but my mom couldn't afford 'em
To get every pair is the goal
Chasin the high when I felt at my lowest
When I went broke it was time to go poking
Saying you not going that glizzy start smoking
Better be aware of this glizzy I'm toting
.40 start clapping and causing commotion
Drop on the ground and his spirit start floating
Like he can't shoot b*t*h, I'm gon leave em open
Stuck in my grandma house stomping on roaches
Felt so much pain sh*t what I've been through is bogus
Thinking about 100's was helpin' me with coping
That why I get rich and stop trying to smoke
I'm working hard like I need a promotion
Playing my cards right and stacking my tokens
I said I got it they thought I was joking
Really start rapping now I'm who they're quoting
Know I'm going to make it just gotta stay focused
Going to top off I put that on my mom's
b*t*h I was destined to ball like LeBron
b*t*h I'm going to live like a king or a don
I need to a key to that Benz in my palm
Pull up and flex on these n***as like prom
Yo b*t*h had seen me and couldn't stay calm
Like I walk drip got her wet like a pond
I tell her I need my space like I'm Tom
Keep all my b*t*hes in check
And I swear that I love all dogs like I'm seeds on the lawn
Put gang on the map and sh*t with this rappin sh*t
We gon be running the city like ron
And all the killers, finessers, and cons
Stakeout with them Cobras
b*t*h with them snakes in the grass be careful when you mowing your lawn
I seen outside they like to talk [?] when they posting on facebook.com
I bet they throw when we sliding with bombs
The AR, Tesla, n***a no [?]
We catch them snoozin' you going to be alarmed
Knock off his head we don't aim for the arm
Knock off his head we don't aim for the arm
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