Headshot (Lil Tjay Remix) lyrics

Polo G

Pipe that sh*t up, TnT
Tahj Money
Dmac on the f**kin' track
Bordeaux and Non Native

[Verse 1: Polo G]
I'm the one who tried to make a way when we was strugglin'
I remember rain, sleet, and snow, I was hustlin'
Know the feds watchin', middle fingers to the government
Glock in this Louis pouch, n***a, I ain't tusslin'
Catfish, he don't really know who he f**kin' with
Opps send a message, you grab a Drac' to rebuttal it
Had a undertaker at your tombstone, shovelin'
Hell yeah, hollows bound to chew 'em like some Doublemint
Made it out the field with somе n***as I was thuggin' with
We'll send some shots through thеy crowd while they huddlin'
I'm the type to leave it in the streets, I ain't discussin' it
Tryna make it flip, I need that Rolls-Royce Cullinan
Old b*t*hes trippin', cut her off like a Backwood
Middle of the trenches, that's where me and the guys stood
Killers anonymous, black masks and black hoods
Walk down on him, make sure he get clapped good

[Verse 2: FrankieSalles]
Rain or sunshine I'ma get what's mine
I been grinding real hard now it is my time
She said she love me, tell her get in line
There's a couple hundred b*t*hes I could get behind
I been writing out raps tryna clear my mind
If you listened to the tape, know I'm in my prime
Get the yellow tape, I commit my crime
I'm bouta kill the beat, that's a homicide
I kill that beat, record it then I kill that sh*t again
Came up in the game and now they see me as a threat
Writing from the pen I got a lot I could repent
First let me start with - wait I forget
Call an audible, my sh*t unstoppable
My sh*t incomparable to the competition
Hit a headshot on the opposition
Blow her back out in the thot position
Go and blow her back out then I pull the Mac out
Bussin' out the trap house, yeah that's a man down
Go and get the bag now, split it with the fam now
Diamonds on my hand now - wait hope I don't drown
Killin' every beat like that sh*t been getting old
Holding on the heat for the time when I was cold
Boy you heard the album, go and get the gold
Man, what's the outcome? Tjay, let 'em know

[Verse 3: Lil Tjay]
Fresh in the game, still see it as a blessin', the same
Hundred thousand 'round my neck for the chain
Tryna go out like a vet' in the game, put respect on my name
No security, I'm flexin' with gang, I'm a real one
Reminiscin' about all of my decisions
Embracin' the way of livin', I was runnin' through the field, dumb
Couple n***as disrespectin', we done killed them
Keep a shooter, they won't see, he my lil' one
Thirty shots, we ain't into usin' lil' guns
n***a talkin' like he know me, he my real son
Rap beef, f**k the cap, I'ma drill some
Put the glizzy to your melon, make you feel dumb
Headshot, all black, he won't feel nothin'
Couple hollows to his back, we done filled him
Headshot or a lifelong sentence, what you need for them to label you a real one

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