Talk Money Entertainment

"Pop Quiz"

[Chorus: Jay critch]
Pop up like a pop quiz
Water like a Lockness
Got the key like a
Got the key like a locksmith
[?] titty topless
b*t*h she on topic, tell em' they can't stop this
sh*t how we rockin'
Remember we was low‚ but that's past tense
We ain't going back broke‚ real n***as‚ make the bag stretch
Duffle full of dough used to stuff it in the Mattress
Selling out the shows but we not doing no acting

[Verse: Damii]
Kicking sh*t like messi
f**k around and have a [?]
Know we started in the basement now we on top like an attic
b*t*h I ball like Shaq when he was playing on the magic
Ion want your hoe, man you know that b*t*h is average
Oh, you blew your bag can't get it back Man that's tragic
I get green I get lettuce‚ I get celery, I get cabbage
And I know I had to make it if I ain't got it I take it
Sorry b*t*h, but im impatient imma pour up don't need no
In Margiela got no laces‚ Im like Paul George on the Pacers
I don't want that b*t*h she too basic, call a chauffeur I feel lazy
Im in the back getting mouth like braces
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