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"XXXTENTACION - Gang Cypher (Freestyle)"

[Verse: Sully the Chief God]
I put the gun on the table
You think your life is unstable?
You try to beat me, you're unable
These b*tches watch me like cable
I put my hand on the bible
These thoughts are suicidal
But my life is so f*ckin' vital
The world is my rival
Said the world is my rival

[Verse: E-Boogie]
Yuh, It's E-Boogie, Insecure with a hoodie
Expect blood on the boots It's muddy
Someone surviving, Terror they lucky
New with the gun I'm with the uzi
I ain't new to this rap sh*t I'm no kind of newbie
Heard me I ain't new to this no newbie
Slide In that girls dm's smoothly and grab the coochie
Always got the bars In my head they ready
Get on some drugs I'm insecure and not steady

[Verse: Nyora Spouse]
f*ck a Black ass, Snort weed In a bag
Type of n*gga to never click on ads
Get the di*k around me strapped
Make that pus*y squished and smashed
She ain't making giggles she making sexy laughs
Follow your on path, Mine Is full with Wrath
I'm nearly done I'm finna' take a nap
Make that f*ckin' pus*y trapped
Let Dexter see If he my kid or not In the la
I'm done text her

[Verse: Ski mask the slump god]
When we start sex she start threats
Talking bout' my death, Ball sweats
Type of n*gga to drop make em' see death
She be crazy, She on some high f*cking meth
Expect a saxophone, f*ck while rappin'
Got a flow make em' jits blown
When I'm mad old still wise not grown
Dreads like medusa where the comb
f*ck all these hoes, n*gga buff
Who this f*cking tyrone, Oh none to know

Spending time In Juvenile because I was wild
Treated Satan as a idol, Hold a f*cking bible
Pop that pus*y like a bubble, Solve her like a puzzle
She talk to much put some muzzle, Nah hoe I don't wanna cuddle
We ain't a couple, You f*ck me over b*tch I always stay humble
Beat a n*gga If he touch me start some f*cking royal Tumblr
I may not be the strongest guy with muscles but I don't crumble
I nut In her f*cking small ass butthole, And she suck whole till'
That condom Is mold, I'm a demon I'm the crow make a jit say woah
Well I'm done my mind a blizzard full with sh*t to do It's snow

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