Far Beyond The Light lyrics


I rised another day, and we were floating through the air
I think I saw the same scene, back, before,away
Terrifying silence filling the walls around my head
First thing that I thought, did my mind just bleed?
Emptiness reaching, to the blackest mark
Better get away, there is nowhere to hide
Every morning classic, nothing new to show
In darkness, my eyes start to glow

Cold looking sky
The weathered shining stars
I'm feeling like
I'm far beyond the light

I saw as souls were passing by
In their minds was one question - why?
I saw them burning in the sky

Lords of flies taking bath in fries
Poor man's death was back in their eyes
We re all crying about the price


We're all living, all inside the dream
I think nothing, nothing what it seams
Stairway of sorrow, long as f**king hell
Maybe we'll can break the endless spell
The gods waiting, til.we fade away
Life is put, to the darkest shade
I used to think, about the blade
But this will make nothing apart my grave

I am the one who can send my soul up high
All i want from you
Just let me f**king die

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