High As f*ck lyrics


Hey man, I'll tell you little story about some sh*tty things
I was walking down the street to throw out some stinky sh*t
Then I see a drunkard
Well he can't stand at all
Now I think, what the f**k why is he looking straight at me?

He blocks my road, i say excuse me, he starts to mumble something
I told you man, i told you so, please let me go
Then I see his eyes, his eyes black as night
Oh man
I think I am
High as f**k

That was my dream about starting to fly
Hey people
I'm so f**king high
High as f**k

I see now how everything is starting to hide
Felt like this on Tuesday
Cause I slept all the night
Hey people, I'm finally free
Wake up moron, it's time to go to pee

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