Our Seduction lyrics


I was born in generation that suffers from disease called stupid human procreation
I feel embraced,that there's no importance in events that we face
Emptiness is filling me, im so confused about whole reality
All those faces i see on streets, feel like only another meats

Abjection brought about to perfection by our lovely nation
Complete extremity on both sides, followed blindly by thousands of blue eyes
Is there anything i can do abaout those minds, fulfilеd by what, by flies?
I can't stand this anymore, maybe wе all should let it go...

Pursuing the ways of ancestors
Missing the presentness
Far away from now
We will face, face it down

Behold everything that you believe, it will stay unheard
Even if you'll reacht to the top, there is no chance they can stop
Following pathetic path of seduction, without deduction
The whole hatred you all gained, will soon become your shame

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