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"​lets work it out"

We can still work it out
Remember the time when you was down
I got yo' back, won't let you drown
I gotta go right now
The bag is callin' me right now
I would love you, but I don't know how
Guess, what I come back, we'll work it out

[Verso 1]
She love me, she love me
Got my songs, on repeat
Ela reparou, no meu fit
I wear mixed channel on my feet
Eu faço aquilo que eu digo
And you pay a rack for a feat

[Verso 2]
Tryna get in my sh*t
'Tou away from you
Go ahead and steal my flow
I'll just get a new
With a lil' b*tch she fine and she brand new
With a lil' b*tch she fine u used to call her boo

[Verso 3]
Oh-oh, I, I, fade away
Only percocets numb the pain
Eu nunca mais vou ser the same
You got a girl on your side
Is she faithful?
Glock up in my jeans
I gotta lay low
If you have somethin' to say then just say so
Just say so-oh oh oh Oh...

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