If u wanted to

​lil skele

Wait for my chance but you take it
Lifes not really what you make it
You give me these looks and I hate
This town so small I could break it

You'd give me yo love if you wanted to
You take my heart and you throw it jus tell me the truth
Im stuck in this loop of regret
I talk and I talk but this feeling is still in my chest
I keep givin up I can’t make it through
All of this sh*t that I do I do it for you
Im sorry im tryin my best
I can't give my all if im stuck up in this stupid mess

I'm so stressed
Feeling like sh*t cause I’m broke and depressed
I just want peace but you can't take a break
Stuck in this loop we get mad evеryday

Im tryin me bеst and you know it, and no im not mad I would show it
I make a bag to just to blow it
I dont wanna leave but im goin
I would give all of it up
I hate the plays and I hate the come up
Its stressin me out
They always want me to be perfect sh*t makes me nervous

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