It's BiG HEATH, your Nan's favourite rapper
I've seen a lot of your comments saying I weren't in the car last time so we thought we'd come back and do one on top
Check it

So I decided I'd provide something interesting
I went on a hunt through my comment section
I've seen a little hate but amazing mentions
So I'd replied to both without no exception
So first of all, come and put your hate on me
But CharlieGreen, you sound like a strain of weed
And I don't really mean to joke
You're the one to finger poke
If you're gonna roll me, please
I will roll you up in smoke
And secondly, how you gonna heckle me
I'm the only rapper with GCSEs from secondary
So please, my G
Don't hate 'cause I'm smart
In my circle of boffins, I was the youngest in charge
In the past couple years you might see me grow
Nah my bro, I'm stingy
I don't splash no cash
A test yo
I always take plastic bags
And it's true, I haven't seen my d**k in years
But it's due to the fact that it's pact up your misses rear
I disappears, man I ain't fakin'
And when she's out and about, it's not dance lessons she's takin'
And the comparisons to Charlie, you're funny
I got a way bigger tummy and he got loads more money
So please G, I'm done with all these similarities
I'm married to the game, you cannot marry me
Now everybody knows that I rap from the gut
Do I really have curves like a Kardashian sl*t
You wouldn't believe the wet dreams I had of smashing her butt
And it was one after another like Pistachio nuts
So why you hypin' for?
Go ahead and type some more
Yeah it's true man, I did once get eaten by a dinosaur
But f**k shootin' a gat, provin' a fact
Let's tell the truth man, I think I suit being fat
So how the hell you gonna say I'm too fat for your likin'
We never met, if we did we might end up vibin'
But reality, that mentality's gon' lead to a sight end
'Cause everybody that I know has at least one fat friend
I rep for the fatties, we the greatest of friends
Take you out when your down and clean the plate [?]
And I really ain't fat, you're mistaking this muscle
I don't know how to explain it, I give the greatest of cuddles
But anyway, who even really likes them skinny types
The sort of chick to go out and not even have a single bite
The sort of chick to ask a friend, how do I look in this dress
b*t*h, shut the f**k up, ain't nobody care how you dress
But I'm joking man, you know I love all figures and colours
My wiggas and brothers living, man, forgiving each other
And I'm sorry if you comment and I reply to another
But stay tuned my dude 'cause there will be another
I'm out

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