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"Fire In The Booth"

[Verse 1]
Well let me introduce myself my name is BiG HEATH
I’m not your average gang rapper making quick cheese
I’m on legit schemes trying to flip my big dreans
And Jacamo’s the only brand that seems to fit me
This sh*t G I’m feeling alone
I thought this was the rap game, it feels like a clone
I see too many rappers on that read off their phone
So b*tch listen to your lyrics ‘fore you come on this show
Man I’m real to the bone, I can’t say this any clearer
But Charlie when I look at you it’s like looking in the mirror
Like two fly fat guys looking for some damn fries
Fire in the booth I feel like I’ve been baptized
I waited 10 years for this and this is no lie
I wrote a bucket list of things and this is number 5
I won't stop ‘til I drop I love the grind
And number 5 was to own a Subway franchise
But that’s how the game goes it’s kinda lame bro
Their sh*t melodies and rapping with the same flows
I spray cold I’m surprised the game ain't froze
And 7 days a week I lay low for payroll
So ay bro you ain't amazing at this
You got the most basic flow and it’s basically sh*t
It’s like you robbing all these bladders and you’re taking the p*ss
You ain't raising the bar you ain't even raising your kids
You a stand aside rapper, ain't a man of mine rapper
You a dress good, sh*t hook glamorise rapper
No fan of mine rapper, couldn’t handle grime rapper
Your words move slow and you’re a paralyzed rapper
And I ain't kidding though you never hear me fibbing though
I used to work a 9-5 to pay for my videos
YouTube the vimeo I do this for my city bro
Fingers up in every pie the young white Diddy bro
You see I’ve always been fascinated by enterprises
I’m up and coming just like how the London’s rent is rising
I got the best of rhyming I just invest in trying
A lot of hard work and yeah I swear the rest is timing
But now these brothers all just wanna come and laugh though
Cos I’ve never had a gat and let the sh*t go blast though
You sh*tty little arseholes at least I’m not faking
Your boys might sell drugs, my boys take ‘em
And I don’t mean to sound cool I grew school around fools
f*ck the ground rules
I’m even breaking down the down rules
Around town my sound rules
f*ck you and your clown tools
Here to be the King taking everything their crown jewels
My whole life I dedicated to rap
A born entertainer I just serenade with the track
So blatant the fact your track’s blatantly jack
The game’s f*cked right now like it pays to be whack
Now for the sake of the map I’m straight spraying the facts
Rappers sleep on the beat like their taking a nap
But Charlie tell me who to blame cos the game’s in a trap
And like a VAR decision I’m taking it back
I never lose I’m a winner in this boss phase
Been Slimming World for 10 years and never ever lost weight
Only ever lost mates so f*ck it man I’m over
Well actually I can’t lie I lost my Sky controller
But I’m sorry if I seem stressed I don’t think you understand
I’m just trying to be best I’ve always had a f*cking plan
Yeah I’m the f*cking man that might seem c*cky
On Halloween I’ll go to Sweden dressed as A$AP Rocky

[Verse 2]
Well man I fell in love with hip-hop and I’ma never let this sh*t stop
Masta Ace all the way to f*cking Rick Ross
And no games you don’t wanna make Chris cross
Me and Charlie hit WingStop until the wings stop
But pitstop cos I need to breathe
I’m running rap like a mouse running to the cheese
I’m sick and tired of rappers hiding all behind their beats
And in their cyphers the only time I get in beef
So please I’m not really on that shooting life
But if it’s do-or-die trust me it’ll be you not I
I’ll spike your blunt and make you jump from a stupid height
Then write a note and make it look like it was suicide
Now who am I? I’m the fattest of them all
Been rapping since a younger I was rapping back in school
I smack it when I’m rapping and I’m overlapping fools
The best when under pressure and my back’s against the wall
We back Charlie tell me where to begin
I’ve been fat for so long I’m probably scared to be thin
And where are my kins? All shoutin’ lose weight!
But like a couple of copies man trust I think it’s too late
My whole life man I’ve repped it different
Lord knows I wanted was some recognition
Please just listen ‘fore Biggie busts his load
Girls say I look cute, “I love his chode”
But I rub their throat ‘til their husband’s home
I got all my nerds saying we don’t love these hoes
Flip my phone when I bone I don’t trust these phones
But the truth is I don’t really f*ck these hoes
I’m still a virgin and man I’m learning
And last week I had a bad b*tch twerking
We was flirting, oh I was certain!
Oh she’s a stripper and she was only working?!
I get nervous and then I start stammering
Love a BBW I always dibble dabble in
Trying to find a chick so I can’t start the hammering
Trying to find my di*k, better luck finding Madeline
And Instagram chicks really getting bored of ‘em
Gotten to the point I just start ignoring ‘em
I talk numbers always end up boring ‘em
Why my sexual fantasy’s f*cking Carole Vorderman
And Big bad Heath we ain’t talking gun crime
I could beat your whole catalog with like one line
My punchlines are dumb fine
f*ck you and your bum rhyme
Bullies back in lunchtime, brother this is crunch time!
And I’m a heavy don arrogant and never wrong
Let alone a boner I’m just trying to get a semi-on
The game’s full of b*tches all they need is femidom
Charlie man I clocked you can’t please everyone
I built a brand from the bottom with no name
You should hear my Nan she’s playing her bowls games
“He’s working hard, he wants the whole game!
And one day Derek I’m sure he’ll have gold chains”
And being down to Earth’s the only way I had to be
All the glitz and glammer is nothing like my family
But tragically I’ve always been a c*nt bro
I say it’s fine for stage fright then boo him at the front row
I paint a picture more vivid than Spike Lee
Married to the game I went on my right knee
Brothers they spike me ‘cos they can’t outwrite me
Course you don’t like HEATH, you are not like me
Of course I go sick I’m born for this sh*t
It’s no doubt I had to get Distortion on this
The most normal of kids I want four different whips
I want a Stella in my hand a portion of chips

[Verse 3]
Let me be clear half of these artists are just damn lame
They sell their sole the moment they find some fan-fame
I’m here to bring a little humour the rap game
So in the comments tell me if it’s plantin or plantain
This year I tried for jolla the first time
I can’t lie I must admit the sh*t was quite nice
At first I thought it was just a portion of rice
But with a little spice, mm that’s darn nice
Right you know I’m flowing it cold
And lord knows I’m getting bored of mum’s toad in the hole
You need some spice mum, I’m being nice mum
I’m not racist but you’re really too white mum
See what’s logic if it isn’t backed with reasoning
But mum please stop cooking chicken with no seasoning
I swear the game’s changed the game’s past treason
These rappers let down like Game of Throne’s last season
And I’m sick and tired of rappers feeling like I’ve got something to prove
Cos I’m not a big trapper just in love with the booth
Cos you don’t know about those nights I was stuck in my room
To get away from all the bullies it was something to prove
And yes I am overweight but I can stomach the truth
And you ain't gotta sell drugs to be a hustler dude
I coulda had a good job I got something to lose
So don’t you ever dare question or judge what I do
It’s nothing but truth I hope you’re getting the message
I’m from a different walk of life it’s no lesser a lesson
But you acting big ‘cos you know Dennis the Menace
I can’t relate to all that sh*t, I play tennis with Dennis
And I was gonna rap some drill Charlie I swear I nearly bought a mask
I decided I’d be Peter Pan but in the end I thought I’d pass
I can’t run from feds, you never see me walking fast
Still I’m up in Nando’s putting Fanta in the water glass
And real sh*t I don’t do this for the clout no
These bad thoughts just the way I let them out bro
And if you need help please then please shout bro
One love to Charlie and the team I’m out though

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