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Dirt Nasty

"Mr. Snow Nose"

[The Alchemist]
Yo what's up ya'll, this is ALC Alchemist
You're listening to Dirt Nasty
What kind of f**king name is Dirt N-?
Why am I even doing a drop for this sh*t?
Ohh hey I'm Simon yeah I do blow, coke yeah
Baby d**k yeah
f**kin, you suck
Play some f**kin' real rap
f**kin' Stretch man, stop it
Put real sh*t on now

This chick walked up to me, and she's like
"Oh sh*t its Evidence from Dilated"
I was like you know my music?
She was like "No I saw you in the Dirt Nasty video"
Get the f**k outta here with that sh*t

{Dirt Nasty]
Its snowin' in LA

[Stretch Armstrong]
Stretch Armstrong is now in your world
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