Tap Out Freestyle lyrics

Zack Fox

Ayy, yeah, ayy, f**k

I need you to suck on my meat like you eating some wings and you cleanin' the muhf**kin' bone
I'm tryna bust all my lil' bitty soldiers inside of your throat like Attack of the Clones
Spit on that d**k till the neighbors come knockin' like "n***a did one of your pipes just explode?"
I want my balls to be empty like Fresh Prince house in the last muhf**kin episode
So sick and tired of these b*t*hes saying they freaks and they suck on the d**k with no passion
Want you to suck on my d**k till I'm paraplegic like Drake gеtting shot in Degrassi
Make that sh*t nasty, I like it gross, I'm tryna livе in the back of your throat
She gon' eat everything, she a goat, my whole body wet like I jumped off a boat
I ain't finna moan, hell nah, I swear to god, I ain't finna moan
b*t*h I'ma scream at the top of my lungs like Courage the Cowardly Dog seeing a ghosts
Do you like eggs? You like toast? 'cus I'm making you breakfast, I'm making a checklist
I'm buying a ring in the morning and we gettin married, I'm telling the pastor that you

Made me tap out
You made me tap out
Suck my d**k so good, goddamn
You made me black out
You made me tap out

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