Luh Soldier


Izze The Producer
If  you by me, try, try
If  you by me, try, try
Honorary Members

We keep Glocks and Dracs, I pray none of you n***as play with me
f**k  around and get gunned down, lil' boy, you better play for keeps
Shawty  got that super soaker, that wet wet
I let her eat me up and swallow, that's that neck neck
15,  up out the trenches, takin' on the world
16, f**kin' for Wendys, but a perfect girl
Yeah, we gamblin' with our life, we gamblin' with our life
We gamblin' with our life, we gamblin' with our life

[Verse 1]
Had  to stop f**kin' with all of these n***as, they ain't do nothin' for me
I lose some folks every time that I breathe, it's takin' the love from me
b*t*h mad 'cause I'm f**kin' her best friend, but I told her the truth
They ask why I don't go nowhere without weapon, b*t*h, it's here in the booth
Fours up, drinking lean on a Friday
Just hit one-fifty, cruising on the highway
Hit from the back, then it's bye, adios
You wanna be street, you just be through a post
I don't condone all that sucker sh*t
And my b*t*h go and lick on my other b*t*h
Eat it up because she gots to
I'ma beat up that ho, could've bought two too
Yeah, I'm really out here gettin' it, really with them killers
Yeah, get bust just like a Swisher, hit her and her sister
Sticking to the scripture, I could never go against the code
Stand on all ten, yes, I'm forever thuggin' with my bros, let's get it
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