Luh Soldier

"My Campaign"

Campaign, man
Luh Soldier campaign‚ man
You know what the f**k goin' on‚ man
True story right here
Real Soldier

[Verse 1]
LA vibes got me kickin' it
Plug tossed me the bale‚ n***a, guess what? I'm flippin' it
Swing that boy sh*t, now we flippin' sh*t
Counting blue faces‚ I stay actin' ignorant
Add that sh*t up, what's the difference?
If it ain't 'bout money, don't tell me a damn thing
Ain't no stopping my campaign
Pull up presidential‚ we sippin' champagne for real

Yeah, I'm having blocks for real
f**ked lil' bro ho out her socks for real
I got everything off the block for real
Yeah, for real, my city on lock for real
I hit shawty once, she on block for real
Good gas, b*t*h, we settin' up shop for real
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