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Luh Soldier


Y'all n*ggas ready, bruh?
f*ckin' right‚ n*gga
Alright‚ let's do this sh*t
Man‚ let me get the motherf*ckin' headshots
You motherf*ckers
Come on, boy

[Verse 1]
11 o'clock and I really ain't made me no money
So f*ck it, I'm robbin' the middleman
My young n*ggas on it (On God)
He look like he with it‚ I hope I don't kill the man
KP the TEC, I got the Glock, whoadie in love with the Drac'
I been watching the spot (On God)
I don't care who you with‚ I gotta get me a play
I been with the bullsh*t (For real)
He just bought a Glock and I'm taking that b*tch too (Come here)
I know what come with this sh*t (Swear to God)
The clip full of hollows, don't let that b*tch hit you
He trap out his b*tch spot
Know he got the bread, he put it on Snapchat
He really don't trust me
He been on my head like a motherf*ckin' snapback
Ain't sayin' the trap back
But I was that n*gga they didn't wanna f*ck with (At all)
These n*ggas be scammin'
And I'm takin' over, I'm on some Trump sh*t
But shout out my gunk b*tch
She give me that pus*y and keep all the firearms
Shout out my old plug
Ain't namin' which one, 'cause I got a thousand of 'em
Meet up at my mama house
Gave mama a hug and I went out the backdoor
They thought I was done
Put one in the head and I told 'em I'm back, ho
I feel a lil' musty
Ain't took me a bath, I been in the streets with it
It's hoes in the backseat
I don't give a f*ck, drop 'em off on the back street
Pull up at the Mickey D's
Set that sh*t up, dawg, I'm back on the bullsh*t
The K got a dual clip (Huh?)
This life that I'm livin', I need me a pulpit
sh*t, I'm on that f*ck a n*gga
My mama behind and my niece need some Pampers
Who got them bows? (Who?)
Who got them bricks? They finna get handled (For real)
Black mask, time to hit the location
I came in this b*tch playin' Black Opps
A hundred some n*ggas, ain't none of 'em with it
Like how do y'all call this a trap spot?
They serving that woah and I'm taking or leaving
They playin', I'm taking the floor too
Don't let these n*ggas outcoach you
I'll put this tune on your ass like a Pro Tool, on gang

b*tch, you gon' tell us what went down or you gon' die right now, motherf*cker
Why the f*ck Saul paid you for that chain, n*gga?
Bro, I don't know what y'all n*ggas talkin' 'bout, bruh
We just saw your motherf*ckin' clucked out ass do this sh*t, n*gga

[Verse 2]
Just took me another Perc'
Just seen on the 'Book that somebody got killed, damn
He died on the Southside
They said it was tragic, I heard he was mouth wide
Don't know why it f*ck with me
My phone keep ringing, my partner 'nem outside
I'm back on the same sh*t
A little more money a couple more enemies (Damn)
I'm tired of same sh*t
I wanna get up and just fly out to Italy
Got folks out the gutter
God gave me a gift, I can show you the struggle
It's crazy, just give me a pad and a pen
I'm lost, tryna get me a win
Can't never do right when I'm living in sin
Done did so much dirt, got me watching my kin
I went through an episode
Don't wanna die young but a trapper don't make it old
So I'm in the booth with it
And I'm going crazy, I feel like the Don Juan
The man in my city
Got my life on the line like I'm taking an and-one
Don't feel like the man
Yeah, I know that I'm hot, but ain't hot as this handgun
My grandmama mad
The folks at the spot tryna beat down my mama door
Don't know where I'm at (Huh?)
Ain't searching the school, I'm not making the honor roll (At all)
sh*t, I'm on the other side (Other side)
Just me and my killers, you know we on drummer time
These lil' n*ggas want it
What a surprise, it's another opponent, yeah
Tell me who want it (For real)
It's a bag on my head, better put down the boneless, yeah
I stay with the f*ckery
While I'm chasing this money, I won't even f*ck for free (At all)
Shoutout to who f*ck with me
'Cause I'm in the spot posted up like a bumblebee (Yeah)
These f*ck n*ggas sick
I got all these hoes and they stuck with the same b*tch
I know that they envy
I'm watching my moves while I watch my surroundings
I pray for these n*ggas
Don't wanna go back but I'll sleep in the county (On God)
I'm still at the trap spot (For real)
Just got off a whole, I'm working a half knot
These young n*ggas shiesty
And I'm still in this sh*t when I know they don't like me (At all)

911, what's your emergency?
Can I help you?
What's going on?
I... I can't hear

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