Patent Pending

"Punk Rock Songs"

While you’re out there living your life
I’ve been spending most of mine
Tryna be a part of yours
Three minutes at a time
I’ve been laying tracks down
Tryna find my way
To be the background sound
To your glory days
And the best it ever gets
Is you come see us for a night
But that show it always ends
Yeah they’re gonna kill those lights!
And you’ll get back to living
And I’ll get back on that bus
We either keep driving cos we’re driven
Or we’re just too dumb to give up

So here we go!
Back down this lonely road
Leave a little piece of my soul
Right there in that microphone
Well they ain’t never made me a dime
But they helped me find where I belong!
I swear the greatest nights of my life
Were spent singing these punk rock songs
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