"Paul Rutt"

Passed out in a friends garage
Woke up today in the same place that I was last month
I'm struggling to get back up
I’ll just sit back and hope my luck can help my feet step up
(Stuck in this rut)

This fall brought nothing but heartache
You never knew what you started
And I drank to much
Guess I didn't give a f**k
Until when I woke up and called to tell you that I

That night I drank myself to sleep
While you kept face and stayed in your own sheets
That night I had a remedy
It was selfish, never intended it to be

If it wasn't for the things I love
Maybe then I could be enough
Fall asleep just to wake back up
Another day where I wake up stuck in place
Couldn’t keep up with the pace
That night you let me drift away
While your at home saving face

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