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Lil Peep & iLoveMakonnen

"Don’t Lose Focus"

[Intro: iLoveMakonnen]
Yeah, Yeah
Oh, Yeah
Just don't lose focus, no
Yeah, pay closer attention
Just don't lose focus, no
You need to, pay more attention

[Chorus: iLoveMakonnen]
You got it all, yeah
Sittin' right in front of you, uh
They want to fall, yeah
To be, right on top of you
But don't lose focus, no
Don't lose focus, just, just don't lose focus
Hocus Pocus, don't lose focus!
No, don't lose focus, I'm doing magic on 'em, huh!
Hocus Pocus, yeah!

[Verse 1: iLoveMakonnen]
I see that red dragon fly Jeep, yeah
I pull through, y'all can ask Lil Peep, ayy
Every other hater try to weep (Weep), yeah
Championship game, I'ma do a full sweep, huh!
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