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"The Mirror Theory"

Im taking it back to the beginning of my whole life
Im taking it back, real back, when I had no life
Im taking it back to when I wasn't alright
Im taking it back to when I was up all night with no lights

[Verse 1]
Up all night with no lights
Thinking about whats wrong and whats right
If I'm sore and you're right, if Im wrong
If I'm born in your life
Just to sit in the backseat and watch
Trapped in the whack and dodge
Allusively insulting cults
Abusive insulting c*nts
Excuse me, I'm in dull, I gotta thin skull
Cause you didn't think about me for a second
If I'm mentioned, I'm threatened
By another 'legend'
Buy another present to get smothered by another f*cking peasent
Saying 'motherf*cker, better f*cking listen when I show them the b*tch in you that was never hidden'
Im a pigeon, imprisoned in my vision
Im sickened by decisions I took
I chickened out tried to hide too
Cried two nights too
They didn't chase, didn't hit me in the face
Cause why would they wanna improve my looks?
Fight whom? I'm too nice to
I'm a child who you tried to drag down to rot
Guess its your time to shine on top
Weep, sleep, weep
I used to feel this weak
But nobody believed me
They never even hear me speak
They never even see me live
Unless they wanna see me leave
Then stab me in the back with two pens
As soon as I take two steps
Clueless that useless
Im sh*t, I will be sh*t
No wonder I'm too tensed
Nonsense, go home and just rest, in peace
Yes, its feels like I should rest in peace
So the rest can just live in peace
It is what it is

[Verse 2]
Im not a fighter, Im not a survivor
My life's inside out, Im an outsider
I dont wanna go outside
I wanna stay indoors
Its like when I was five
Tried to jump off the window
For the first time, second time, third time, fourth time, fifth time
This time I'm gonna do it for real
Im gone do it for fear
Im gone do it for you
Im gone do it from there
Im gone do it I swear
Nobody will f*cking care
If I was gone
To my back I turned
Session old, lesson learned
Back up, hold, on the second thought

Why should I give a f*ck about you
If you never gave f*ck about me?
Im taking it back when I said that I wasn't alright
Im taking it back when I said I had no life
Im taking it back when I said I had no life
Im taking it back, Im taking it back from all of you
Im taking it out on all of you

[Verse 3]
You all gonna suffer cruel motherf*ckers
Why do you love a rude motherf*cker
That bloomed, motherf*cker
Bout to slaughter lotta you soon, motherf*cker
Gotta new torture room
Vroom! Vroom! Gotta go torture your new boo
Its suits my mood right?
God, I'm a too cool wolf in the moonlight
f*cking your b*tch right with a broom like
As you walk in the room like
Hoe! She a hoe! Hoe!
Oh no! I forgot to bring your side b*tch
To show off as my side dish
They saying my life is not a movie
Unlikely, Im doing lines so blindly, it might be
Im fighting using my words, using my thoughts
Using your thoughts
Where is your insecurities
Oh! here it is
I'll use this for my superiority
Thats curing me
Somebody left me cage open
The police don't come around here
Just cause your got your brain stolen
I dont steal weak heart
See beats, treat, eat meals
Fart in your face or what not
Peel your face for what got this made more worse
"Wow! Thats a cool verse"
This is just the top of iceberg, b*tch

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