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[Chorus: Mimi Leonne]
I guess this is
The way it is now
I guess this is the way
It works out

You wanna hit rewind
Yet you can't find the time
You make me colorblind
Got me runnin' red lights

Tellin' me all that it isn’t
Pressin pause to keep me imprisoned
Catchin up to crimes you committed
Or am I the only witness?

[Verse 1: Crooks]
See all the struggle that I have been through
I am transparent with my words baby I am see through
Promise you my heart is yours and I will never leave you
Although you test my patience and I can’t stand to f**king see you
I’ll never break a promise, you know that your heart is mine
That sh*t races through my mind all of the f**king time
We’re fighting over pointless sh*t
What a waste of time but understand the love we share is one of a kind
Understand this eye for an eye sh*t makes us both blind
So why not work together you know we’re better combined
Now all I think about is how you left me behind
Understand that sh*t is different, you were on wish list
Baby you look better from a distance
I know this sh*t ain’t the same
We felt the heat we felt the rain
And I can’t heal your f**king pain
And I hate you

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