​​safehouse lyrics


[Intro: Virtue & Gekko]
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy yuh
Yah, okay (Eli)
b*t*h, get of me (Landspeed)
b*t*h, get of me

[Verse 1: Gekko]
Flippin' through my phone, ayy
Bottle of patron, ayy
Seated in the throne, ayy
Feel it in my bones
Like I can feel it in my bones
No life, I’m all alone
In my death white coupe like ho
I'm in the zone
Like Malone want a home
Lake side, with the hoes
And the bros, got no lows
Except my Evo sittin' low
Lookin’ evil when I go
Where I be I never know
Always speedin' never slow
When I'm shiftin' 3 to 4, uh
Resident of evil sit behind the f**kin' wheel
With the devil's ego, just because we had a deal
Supreme with the seal always asked if that sh*t real
Pull up in the Evo, sh*t look like the Batmobile
So what's the f**kin deal, ain't no room for f**kin slackin’
What the f**k you thought when I catch all you f**kboys lackin’?
Golden plated AK not the only thing I'm packin’
Turbo sound so fast, you know the Speedboys never slackin', yuh

[Verse 2: Virtue]
I might pull up in a 7
I might pull up in a ZX
I might pull up at yo front step
b*t*h, like FedEx
All alone be my aesthetic
Rock Vlone when I'm kinetic
Cyclone spit aggression
Better call yo ass a medic, ayy
Yah, in my coupe hot drop top
b*t*h, get off me, nonstop nonstop
Sprite gets bubbly, pop-pop pop-pop
This is lovely, can't stop, won’t stop
This a 2J swap
It was two day job
You ever seen a whip like this
That ain't a damn matchbox?
Didn't think so
You lookin' chife, bro
What the f**k your problem?
You need a damn life, bro
f**k out my way
I know you wanna hop my sh*t
But this is my sh*t
You just damn sidekick
f**k out my way
Unless you tryna get yo wig split
Hit a big lick
Speedboys don't play sh*t (Eli)

[Outro: Gekko]
I can feel it in my bones
Cold life like Jim Jones
In my death white Nikes
Yeah girl, I'm all alone
On a lone beat song
The sound on my phone
When I try to hit your number
When I'm all alone

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