[Intro: Virtue]
Yeah, I'ma need yo wallet, chain, watch, shoes, bag, b*t*h (Landspeed)
Last but not least I'ma need yo' whip big [?]

[Verse 1: Gekko]
Icy chain, left lane, low is lane on the plane
[?] 400 double M, black leather keep me saint
Tendo Pain hittin' rain
Never later to go in vain
Something stay the same
But I know something change
When I pulled up at your house on the south side
Jaw dropped, got you checkin' out my new ride
Big dreams, but my life be like a landslide
You always were down, but you took up on my insides
Red roses cold with blood from the insides
Outside polo cost stain from the red tie
Sea side blinded by the spray from the [?]
Now life katana cut my psyche, got a split mind
Skyline by my side through the hard times
Losin' track of time, always racin' on the red line
Red line, turbo sound just like a landmine
Living in a shadow whoever presence but the eye shine

[Verse 2: Virtue]
Chain froze, red rose, tally up these hoes
Go for, no home, another not alone I'm talkin'
Chain froze, red rose, tally up these hoes
She got no goal for, no home, another not alone I'm talkin'
Flex, but my life a mess
What would I break next?
Another neck
Take no disrespect
Only take a check
I send no back
Did you [ever?] said
"I don't get no friends"?
Shawty stress
I am on the text
What do you explain? Yuh
Live and learn, son
You gonna have to play a role
Never wife a thot
Stay away from the sin and falls
Never find yourself sleepin'
Always keep the safety on
But when they try to test you
Hit 'em hard with a [water glow?]
She got red diamonds
Hang up above the Louis [cow?]
When she smile I'm surprised
I'ma take her to the Gucci store
Only if she leave after a couple of days and givin' done
What you thought it was, shawty? This is not a safe zone

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