Jayla Don’t Report Us


[Intro: Xetonyl]
Alright, don't act like you don't already f**king know
Big 14, big n***a gang
I'm in this b*t*h with like hella n***as since we all train Jayla on the low and Adam piped so that's it (Adam just f**king sucks)
Yeah, shout out Jayla even though her mom's b*t*hin' to me in the DMs, whatever peace

[Verse 1: Xetonyl]
Baby come through then come get respected
I ask you on dates but I just get rejected
My p*n*s on flaccid, I'm trippin' on acid
Five minutes for a second that's time I'm lasting
I'm just tryna f**k so b*t*h send me the addy
I saw you on Live when you throwin' that fatty
You f**ked on my friends b*t*h you know you a baddy
Can't wait for thе day when she callin' me daddy
I bеnd that sh*t over I'm throwin' it back
Her name is Jayla but no she's not black
She got them big titties yeah she got a rack
Send that b*t*h right back to Iraq
f**k on her dad while she suck on my c*ck
Can't f**k with that pu**y, I just want that top
She wanna rape me I told her to stop
She bump all my songs 'cause she know I'm a bop

You know what, f**k this b*t*h Jayla bro (Yo, f**k off me)
She said I'm getting the police invo—
Oh bro I'm about to snap on this bro

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