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"Toe Bamba"

I got toes
Calling my phone
You know i eat toes
And you’re a hoe for toes
Aaron likes toes

Hell yeah he does
Everyday he sucks toes
Like he’s f**king gway

Yeah, you know what i’m saying
‘Cause i suck toes
And you know what i’m saying
And i f**ked your hoe like
Ah, i chopped off the big thumb
Then i said “lemme c*m on that
sh*t yum yum”
I’m like “oooh yea” your momma said woah
I said yea, but she didn’t know she was a hoe and i was like
“Ayo girl lemme just suck your toes” she was like okay whatever
Yea and then you know i said
Mmm mmm that toe was good though
Mmm mmm mmm

Toes calling your phone
Everyday you are a hoe
For toes yes you are
You suck toes in the car
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