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I can’t believe
I’m  going insane
So  many problems
I cannot explain
Love in my mind that I wanna regain
You’ve  been so distant
Can’t  think of your name
And now I’m to blame
I can’t really say that I just
Gave up
No matter what happened I was there
Now you’re far away with all my love
Some people told me not to fit in
My mind is messed up so I took it as a mission
Writing on my life
When you read it
You say Fiction
Story in a form of art cause nobody listens
Got me feeling so sick
Yo everything i overthink i think of this one chick
Drama on my line but my line is made of sticks
Wishing I’ll rewind to when I was only six

Getting distant
Moving away from each other
Everyday passes and we don't see each other
Everyday I miss you it's like I'm calling the wrong number
Uh you know how it feels
Everytime that I miss you
I be drowning in my tears
Everyday when I'm not with you
I be shedding all my tears
Look, I'm sorry if i wasn't good enough for you to stay but I hope the next man you meet keeps you happy every single day
I saw that you found someone new
It breaks my heart when I know it's true
No issues here but I hope we're through
Threw away the things I had of you

We just got distant
It hurt me but
But I guess you missed it
And I thought you loved me
But you was just dissing
I thought we had something
My mind has been spinning
And I have been tripping
My heart has been skipping
A beat
Listen to me please
Sharing my heart
Put it on a platter
But you was just messing
It doesnt matter
I hope you find
Something real in life
That really matters
My minds been tripping
Somethings missing
Its you

You were sweet and sour just like lemonade
I had you on my mind, yeah the day to day
My mind been telling me to love you I can't demonstrate
You were really special but you got away
Now we can't relate

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