[Verse 1: Ollie Joseph]
Look, false personas, all is hopeless in the game now
The wrong devotion flows through those who chase the same clout
The pollen floating through the industry got this congested
I’m XXL if they fit the pen in
f**k who they pick as freshman
I SMS it, DM it and double send it 'til they get the message
I road tripped and left with
Nothing, I been in city of angels long enough to sit and question
Their successes, who they pay, and who they get in bed with
Ooh, I can’t trust a n***a (Nah)
You rub a n***a wrong
Heard to get to your position that you'd suck a n***a off
And cover ups are troublesome
They’re here a couple months then back up on the struggle bus
I see, the shoe fitting well on you cinderella boys
'Cause dressins feminine stepping in as a selling point
Renting toys, taking pics, hope you break a thousand likes
Claim you 'bout that life but n***as never see you out at night

[Chorus: Ollie Joseph]
I'ma need you to vacate the premises
You really reaching to maintain your relevance
The main reason why I don’t have any friends in this
Is when I’m in the room, I’m addressing the elephants
And they paying for plays and traffic
They better off playing in traffic
I’ve peeped game for a while, I ain't quick to judge
But I can see 'em breaking character, the jig is up
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