"Pill Poppin’"

Woo, woo
Yeah, bullsh*t, yeah
Woo, woo
Ayy, ayy

I'm a pill poppin', still poppin' n***a
Tote that still 'cause I will pop a n***a
Good look how you feel 'cause it's still pop a n***a
I have sixty wills but I will trust a n***a
I got dirty bands, I've been trapping all day
I got dirty Xans, you can trap in hallways
I've been moving up the bands, b*t*h I learned the hard way
I ain't really hearin' what you're sayin', give a f**k what y'all say

I'm tripping off these beans and this lean, b*t*h I'm asleep
Super attraction, we been having girls all week (Ayy)
n***as capping, we been shooting n***as all week
I've been stacking n***as, this is where they all be (Ayy)
I'm just tripping these Xan's and these Perc's don't mix
Shortie be calling my phone like, "Lil bro, get your b*t*h" (Ayy)
When it's with these hoes, I know dead well they snitch (Ayy)
Now I'm on this road 'cause I'm tryna get rich (Ayy)
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