AFK arena

Crypt (Rap)

AFK homie
AFK bro
AFK homie
AFK bro
AFK is so awesome bro, you need to play!
40 Million downloads on the phone to play this game
Over 200 countries and regions say it's in the top 10
But ask me? Afk has topped the top trends
Hop in on this ride
You're with AFK and I
We're gonna show you ways to play and how to have a good time
Get drunk in the tavern and summon heroes together
Kill enemy's in King's Tower and climb up level by level
And run amok on the campaign
Kill them all and them amscray
Lose your mind and go banannas like you were a plantain
Hang up all your rеwards that you achieved on your path
Fill up your chest with gold and spеnd it on your heroes attack
Then roam across on your map
Any foe can come get an axe
Thats the AFK way
Slash attack they're on the mat
Homie download it now
I promise you, you won't regret it
Grab AFK arena for free
You won't be indebted
So when you ask me what I play
It's AFK my bro
You're looking for a new game?
Get AFK my bro
And you don't wanna break the bank?
Get AFK my bro
It's free to play
No time to waste
Get AFK my bro

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