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Crypt (Rapper)


All y'all wanna do is argue
Who's the best in the business
Not spitting fiction like a cartoon?
Let me convince you and introduce you to Crypt
The cynical kid killing the competition
With clicks on this vid
I've got the conviction
To dish out disses
To these limp di*k b*tches
Got them diving in ditches
Tryna miss this endless enlistment
Of enigmas extend my career
So they wind up finished
Five feet down
In the ground not a sound to be made
The same game we played
Landed you at the gates
Of hell where satan stated you failed
And when i'm high in the sky
In heaven having a hell of a time
I'm inclined to have an imagination
Jabbin' knifes
In the back causing stabbing lacerations
Laughing like a lunatic I'm losing it
This music riff is sick I'm moving quick
It's my niche
Rare like a celebrity nip slip
Nifty on the mic
Don't you dare nerve to nitpick
Overpowered it's the omen hour
Where they say "oh man our bars are scoured"
And I'm obligated to offer the option
To opt out of the operation
Of offing your brain and that's often the case
Cause I'll pop in the place and
Pop pop pop pop to your brain!

Got me picking up the pieces
You pus*y b*tches are leaving
You plummeted to the bottom
But motherf*cker you're peekin'
Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
I eat 'em and speed up my beat and release
All of the heat that I'm projecting
You're proceeding and pleading
I point my piece at your p*nis
I put you under pressure
Got you cracking like a pale of peanuts
Pressing my pen to the pad
Like a pistol to your head
Nobody can save ya
When I put my lead to the paper
You're dead

Quickly switch this equipped this
Quit your b*tchin'
Ya snitches really question my quickness?
I ripped this sh*t so rid
Your suspicions slit this sh*t
Like scissors send a sh*t scented sinner
Descending to eternal torture
Total torment to be a true tenant

Uh, under all circ*mstances I'm the underdog
The underrated vicious victor
Winning with wherewithal
Even the smallest dog
Can lift it's leg on the tallest building
I don't need y'all xanax to exhibit xenial feelings

If you hear yanny you need help
Go get robert shapiro
I got a late start to this contest
But y'all still be zoomin' to zero
It's a popular saying now
That the early bird gets the worm
But the second mouse gets the cheese
b*tch see now it's my turn

I won't win this competition
There's no way it will happen
All these fast rappers spitting
This is who I'm up against master
I'm a b*tch I know this
It really don't matter
Can you hear this backwards?
It really don't matter
I know this
b*tch, I'm a master
This is who I'm up against?
All these fast rappers spittin'?
It will happen
There's no way I won't win this competition. (Flex)

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