[Verse - P.O.S]

Could’ve  been an animal
Could’ve  been any number of combos of atoms though
But we’re here
Peace  to anybody who ain’t ruled by fear (fear)
I  know, that’s minimal
And that’s a hell of a trick if you can pull it though
Maybe  it’s more socio-
I could handle to offer some more I don’t know
I don’t, I just read up
I just wonder how we see through the haze
And  the malaise we made that betrays the whole space
The charade of Nation States
What a waste (what a waste)
And that’s literal
Peace to anybody who breathin' the same chemicals
I mean ain’t no border for air
Ain’t nothing but a Ponzi honestly, ay
C’mon. No you’re weird. No you’re cuter. No your faith’s based in fear
Know your place, no tears
No great way around gates round here
Just gotta crash ‘em
Just gotta live it like you know it doesn’t last, huh
Out with three scoops and a fat f**k you to the Carlyle group like that
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