Fav Boyz (Steve Aoki’s Gold Star Remix ft. Thutmose)

Steve Aoki

You don't gotta tell me, I know I'm your favorite
Double tap, quench your thirst, call me gatorade
Like a bomb, when we touch we can detonate
Baby I'm a doer not a talker
Lemme demonstrate
All eyes on the king see the elegance
Drip so saucy, the speech so eloquent
K Dot, yeah I stay in my element
Bad boy got a thing for the Jeffersons
Dollars signs that's my fave, fave, fave
Money in the vault, play it safe, safе, safe
Ring on the Pinky so you know it's all business
If I start it I'ma finish it on gang, gang, gang
Wе can, we can, we can, we can go and see the city lights
She just, she just, she just wanna roll and live the movie life
Thutmose, Steve Aoki jumping from the chandeliers
A.C.E of diamonds shining like my future see it crystal clear

이상하고 못내 아름다운
몰랐던 감정에 널 맡겨봐
내가 다 이루어줄게
바래 왔던 걸 가질 chance
Now or never
주저하지 마

딱 나와라 와라 뚝딱
Hit me

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