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Lil Gotit

"Addy Talk"

You got some more of that Add'?
Talkin' 'bout Adderalls

Addy, addy (Hood Baby)
Patek, Patek (Hood Baby)
I'm an addict (I'm an addict, Hood Baby)
We some addicts, play nasty (Hood Baby)
Richard Mille rocks (Rock), yeah, on the block (Frr)
Tip tip top (Yeah), get my sh*t mopped (Mopped)
Drip drip drop (Drop), iced out watch (Shine)
Sip sip raw (Bling), pimp pimp hoes (Slatt)
Too real, beef I kill
Got pints, poppin' seals (Talk to 'em)
Got danked out in the air (Gas)
My diamonds chandelier (Shine)
Avianne, yeah, put that there
Want smoke, we gon' take it there (No)
Rockin' Moncler (Moncler)
Lookin' like a whole bear (Hood Baby)
Yeah, I pay that (Racks)
Oh, it's pay day (Come here)
I'm comin' to get my racks (Slatt)
Ooh, slatt slatt (Swang), on your b*tch hat (Woo)
Yeah, whack whack (Let's go), we'll kill that (Brr)
And these small talkers (Shh), they ain't nothin' but rats (Hah)
Uh, f*ck n*ggas (f*ck 'em), ain't flyin' over slatt (No f*ck n*gga)
f*ck the cheap talk (Cheap talk), we walk, we chalk
Keep that seesaw
It meet y'all, I run sh*t like I'm Meech, huh (Swear)
I'm slime, yeah, I tiptoe (Swear)
Ain't stuntin' in no cold
Your ho, I might bust, bro (Sheesh)
Yayo re-up, we pull up dolo (Slime)
Fat Baby spin the block with the Draco (Brr)
ManMan got your ho with the gang, she can't say no

That was a Hood Baby freestyle, you dig?
Straight off the head, you know what I'm sayin'
It's wetty
Blast it

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