Lil Gotit


Lyrics from Snippet

What up though?
Nah, I hear you
[?], I love you

Penthouse vibes
In every single [?]
I'm playa Chanel, I can't lie
She [?], she roll wit' my ties
My wrist make a crushed up ice
For me should leave pu**y tight
In the [?] whippin' [?]
I [?] a, not a [?]
I just see Pluto in a rush, sh*t [?]
But I'm wit' the sh*ts and that's on my mama
Claimin' that your [?], really [?] them real n***a sh*t'
[?] shoot out that motherf**kin' stick at your clique
Step on a brick and that look like a brick, but this what it is
Step on sh*t, I drip on sh*t
Yeah, my n***as gon' [?] my wrist
[?], my type [?] b*t*h
Man, [?] so [?]
I [?], I can't [?]
Savage, two-twenty-one my whip
Open up, extendo on my clip
[?] the whole block gettin' dipped
If it's up...
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